The Importance of Phosphorus

Apr 07, 2020

Although often forgotten, phosphorus should be in your plans for this year’s corn crop. Phosphorus deficiencies early could have a large impact on yield even though over half of the phosphorus uptake occurs after the plants have flowered. It is extremely important to take soil samples to be sure the crop is getting adequate nutrient levels at the correct times.
Even though phosphorus is an essential macronutrient to plant growth alongside nitrogen and potassium, they vary in amounts in many common fertilizers. Although levels don’t need to be equal among macronutrients, be sure that your crop is getting an adequate amount of each. This is where your soil testing comes in handy.
Additional phosphorus can be applied to ensure your crop has the correct amount. Each bushel of corn uses 0.43 pounds of phosphorus on average according to DEKALB’s Article “Benefits of Phosphorus for Corn Production” when harvested conventionally. Corn cut for silage removes over six times more phosphorus from the soil due to consuming the entire stalk of the plant.
Phosphorus is vital to our corn’s yield. Call your local Hi-Line Co-op Agronomy Salesman to learn more about what phosphorus can do to help in your corn’s success this year.

Additional Resource: 
     - DEKALB Asgrow Deltapine: "Benefits of Phosphorus for Corn Production" October 15th, 2019

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